Monday, 13 June 2011

Mortal Kombat Fire & Ice: Shao Kahn [Live Action]

Rating: *

Creator: Mortal Komedy Films (
Distributed by: (

Watch it here:

The 'hilarious' premise of this short sketch from a larger series is that Sub-Zero and Scorpion are in a purgatory which looks suspiciously like the creator's apartment. Sub-Zero went shopping and bought home only cheap noodle snacks but Scorpion asked him to get many more things. Sub-Zero argues he was saving money buying discounted noodles, then tries some and doesn't like them. Then after the credits Sub-Zero realises he had his sudoku book the wrong way round the whole time. HA HA HA, geddit? Because it's a load of squares and they all look the same, HA HA HA. There, I just saved you 2:35 of your life you would have wasted watching this poor excuse for comedy. Bad acting (why does the uptight 'square' Scorpion have to be a blustery Brit?), pointless premise and bad cosplay costumes. Low budget Internet comedy parodying video games can be good providing the ideas stand up and the source material is rich enough, this is just a bad sketch with added ninjas.

The Machinima Review
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